Dos Brazos Native Plant Nursery and Bird Garden

Dear friends and supporters of OSAbirds,

As you may know, the storm systems proceeding Hurricane Otto in the month of November has brought massive flooding and landslides to the Osa Peninsula.  Rural Osa communities have lost roads, buildings and other structures including the new native plants nursery and germinator at Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre which was in mid-construction thanks to your generous donations.

The loss of the Dos Brazos nursery that was meant to provide resources for birds, green jobs, and community beautification was unexpected and we are saddened by the loss, but we have not given up on the quest!  Many of you have asked how you can help Dos Brazos to rebuild.  Please consider donating to this cause this Giving Tuesday.  Both Osa Birds and local land owner and conservation practitioner Andrea Johnson would like to petition for your support here or through Please give today and pass along to your friends. We need your contributions  – every little bit helps. If you have already given, we would like to extend a heart felt thank you.  We are extremely grateful for your contribution!!





Continue reading for more on Dos Brazos Native Plants Program and head over to Andreas blog!

On behalf of Dos Brazos,

Karen M Leavelle
Director Osa Birds

Please read on about our efforts in Dos Brazos:

Nursery construction and flooding November 2016

Nursery construction and flooding November 2016

Once natural landscapes are touched by the human hand driving urbanization we often drift towards the tendency to extract most or all plant life and replace it with non-native garden ornamentals and young sapling tree species that often times don’t necessarily belong there.  We see this in much of the world including the richly biodiverse Osa Peninsula.

Osa Birds has joined efforts with our friend and partner Andrea Johnson and the local Osa community of Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre to pave the way towards creating one of the first native plants nursery and botanical garden on the Osa Peninsula.

So here is how this works:  Andrea Johnson has a local farm of about 13ha that has been largely converted to cattle pasture that is in dire need of reforestation and lots of TLC; the community of Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre is transitioning from illegal gold mining and hunting towards proving sustainable incomes rooted in the gorgeous natural landscape; and Osa Birds has a mission to support healthy landscapes for the protection of birds and their habitats.  So naturally our common goals have led us to partner to achieve three intertwined objectives;

  1. designing a botanical garden trail that winds through the Dos Brazos community, building eco-tourism and education opportunities as well as local pride;
  2. establishing the only public, community-owned nursery on the Peninsula, which will produce and sell native trees and plants to home owners and businesses;   
  3. restoring degraded lands across the Osa Peninsula, using native bird- and mammal- friendly species. 

Even better, the USFWS Central America program is getting involved through our Wildlife Without Borders grant to help bolster support for this Native Plants Initiative in collaboration with the CRUSA Foundation and SINAC-ACOSA.  Within the scope of this project we are working to also create a second native plants nursery and garden in the community of Rancho Quemado.  For more on this project – just click here!

For more fun and interesting information on our Dos Brazos Native Plants nursery and garden project and Andrea’s farm reforestation, please head over to our fundraiser on Generosity.comTrust us, it will be worth your time!  Any donations would also be much appreciated – and tax deductible!!   Oh and there are fun gifts available too for your donations…