Bird Banding Workshop 2022

This workshop is Full! Thank you for your interest and check back in 2023


Photograph by: Manuel Sanchez


Conserving Birds And Their Habitats On The Osa Peninsula Through Research And Education

Habitat Restoration

Osa Birds partnered with Tropical Wings and the Biological Monitoring Group of Rancho Quemado to restore fragmented and degraded habitat.

Citizen Science

Osa Birds works with Osa communities to monitor bird population tendencies through citizen science and engaging kids and adults in organized bird counts.

Community Outreach

Education is woven into everything we do!  We raise awareness of bird conservation and habitat protection within the local schools and communities through and community events.

Taxonomic Redux 2021

See this year’s taxonomic changes for birds in the Osa region (ACOSA) found in the 62nd supplement of the journal Ornithology.

Checklist of Birds

Here you will find the newest updated Checklist of Birds for the entire Osa region including the Osa Peninsula, Sierpe and Punta Burica.


find out how the US Fish and Wildlife Service is partnering with Osa Birds and IBP to make Osa part of this integral international bird banding network.


Women Leaders in Conservation

Women Leaders in Conservation

For all the hard work and dedication that these women conservation leaders have put forth, I want to showcase them and their tireless work both with Osa Birds and in support of their community of Rancho Quemado. From left to right, Nuria Ureña, Yolanda Rodriguez and...

Taxonomy Redux 2021

Taxonomy Redux 2021

In the last several years we have seen many changes to the taxonomy of the birds of the world, and 2021 is no exception! This year the American Ornithological Society's committee on Classification and Nomenclature of North and Middle American Birds (the NACC)...

Continuing to Beautify the Heart of Osa

Continuing to Beautify the Heart of Osa

In the month of July, we celebrated World Environment Day (June 5) and Arbor Day (June 15) by creating more habitat for birds!  Osa Birds received funding from Tropical Wings, a non-profit organization dedicated to birds and habitat protection.  With the support and...