Here you will find the newest updated Checklist of Birds – Osa Costa Rica. The list is long this year as it includes not only the Osa Peninsula but all the ACOSA region including Bahia Ballena, Terraba-Sierpe, Golfito down to Punta Burica.

Our list of birds comes from the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, our yearly Neotropical Migratory Birdathon, Community participative monitoring, eBird, Surcos Tours, Bosque del Rio Tigre and our own monitoring work over the course of 10 years. That said, we do have a few information gaps so please help us fill them especially outside of the Osa Peninsula.

Please please enter your bird observations into eBird!

It helps us immensely, but more importantly, it bolsters the information we, as a global community, have for the conservation of all birds.

If you are interested in an eBird workshop, please contact us at and we will see what we can do!!

For changes or new observations to include in the list, please contact us at