Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution

The accumulation of plastic is a worldwide epidemic affecting our terrestrial and marine ecosystems; everywhere humans tread. It is one of the principal threats to birds posing serious health risks and endangerment. At least 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into our oceans and water bodies every year!

  • Plastic winds up in the stomachs of birds causing starvation
  • Birds become entangled by fishing lines
  • Birds use plastic as nest material causing potential harm to the chicks
  • Chemical additives from the plastic can contaminate bird’s eggs

In the Golfo Dulce alone, a total of 5 tons of plastic has been collected from gulf waters, beaches and mangroves over the last three years – one collection day per year! This doesn’t even include beaches that line the Pacific Ocean. This, however, is not restricted to the Golfo Dulce, unfortunately, it is a global problem.

On March 2nd we celebrated birds during our World Migratory Bird Day in Puerto Jimenez with a strong focus on plastic pollution and its effects on birds. We held a plastic cleanup with local school children, promoted the use of reusable bags to use at the grocery store, and prohibited the use of anything plastic during our event (NO straws, disposable cups, plastic cutlery or plastic-wrapped foods!). This is not a one time deal though. We will continue to use alternative resources and practices that DO NOT include plastic. We ask that in your own activities and daily lives that you please consider doing the same!

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Check out World Migratory Bird Day for the Americas calendar for 2019 to learn about all the different actions you can take to Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution!  Let every year be an important year for being the Solution!    

This weeks Action: No Plastic Thanksgiving!