Habitat Restoration with Tropical Wings

We partnered with Tropical Wings this year 2021 to reforest and restore degraded lands in and around the community of Rancho Quemado. Tropical Wings is a US based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting migratory birds in and around the St. Croix river watershed. They also support the Sister Parks Partnership between the National Park Service – Upper Midwest region and the Osa Conservation Area parks and reserves.

We planted hundreds of native trees and plants in 5 different areas such as two riparian watersheds, old oil palm plantations and a Sensory trail. A lot of hard work was put into species selection according to habitat and invasive species eradication, specifically the removal of Kudzu, a non-native vine that smothers and kills plants by blocking most of their sunlight. We also turned the newly constructed Elementary School into a beautiful green space with plants to hold workshops with the kids on the importance of native and threatened tree and plant species.