Who We Are

Osa Birds is a United States 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation dedicated to conserving birds and their habitats on the Osa Peninsula and the southern Pacific coastal slope of Costa Rica through innovative science, education, conservation initiatives and key partnerships that will facilitate species protection.

We are also a registered Costa Rican non-profit Association under the name Asociacion Aves de Osa: Investigacion y Conservacion.  Cedula Juridica 3-002-683144

Yellow-billed Cotinga (Carpodectes antoniae)

Mission:  To protect birds and their habitats on the Osa Peninsula through research and education.

Our work focuses on avian monitoring and applied research of resident and Neotropical migratory birds through sound science and a strong emphasis on globally threatened species or species of conservation concern.  Our initial scientific objectives are to work towards understanding the factors that limit threatened populations as well as developing a baseline of information on species ecology, distribution and habitat requirements.  Our approach to conservation is geared towards collaborations among decision makers, managers, scientists and educators to ensure dissemination of information, mitigation of species declines through strong management and conservation strategies.

Our work is varied and includes a strong educational programmatic component that consists of bird projects in local schools, community events and outreach projects as well as short ecology courses and research birding tours.  If we are not out walking line transects for peninsula-wide bird monitoring, then you might find us planting trees for birds!