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Please help support Osa Birds: Research and Conservation in its mission to protect the birds of the Osa Peninsula and the southern Pacific coastal slope of Costa Rica through applied scientific research, outreach and education.

Your tax deductible donation will provide:

* Support for applied avian research to uncover the factors that limit resident and migratory bird populations
* Resources to educate local Osa communities about birds and the importance of maintaining healthy bird populations
* Means to conserve and protect birds and their habitats for future generations to come!
* Support for Osa Birds daily operations

We are proud and excited to be a part of the Osa community and to join in the commitment to protecting one of the most biologically diverse corners of the planet.  We look forward to working with the Osa’s public agencies, non-profit organizations, local businesses and ecolodges, the Osa Peninsula’s Guide Association and local communities to support avian conservation all things birds!  We also look forward to working closely with the Costa Rican ornithological and birding community.

We would like to express our gratitude to the many people who have helped to “fledge” Osa Birds and who are named throughout this site and for all the myriad support we have already received!

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