This is where Education lives, within the communities of the Osa, and it is woven into everything we do!  Osa Birds works to raise awareness of bird conservation and habitat protection within the local rural schools and communities.  Activities include…

  • Raising awareness of birds, avian biology, ecology, conservation issues and the importance of birds and their habitats through classroom and outdoor activities in rural Osa schools.
  • Developing kids’ activities such as migration and lifecycle games, nest box construction and monitoring and making their backyards a bird-friendly environment.
  • Organizing forums to present current research projects and results and coordinating seminars and classes and workshops to young people and adults in avian conservation themes, bird identification, Neotropical migrants and migration, and bird diversity on the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica.
  • Coordinating and promoting participation in community events such as the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, World Migratory Bird Day Festival, Bird Detectives, bird walks, photographic exhibits and art exchanges between Costa Rican and US school kids.
  • Organizing art and educational exchange with Schools in the US.